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Outlooks on the Month of April

Outlooks on the Month of April


This is the month where you should be unafraid to be your whole authentic self: active, unapologetic, determined, and above all, honest. Work. You’re working towards something and will soon achieve it. Let it serve as a reward for all that you’ve been through. Let it reassure you, and keep it up.  

Card: The Sun


Expect the unexpected this month. Strange pairs is the name of the game that you’re playing.  Try a new food combination, go out with someone new, make a new friend (or return to an old one). With the housing lottery looming, it’s time to consider where you will be living next year. Maybe the best place for you to be will be where you were in the past. 

Card: 5 of Cups Inverted


Not much new this month is coming your way. Only old problems and, from thence, consequences. The age-old problem of the gemini: the inability to make a decision. You need to grow up. Be indecisive when it comes to ordering food, not when it comes to your concentration or housing next year. Next, look into your own natal chart and consider what you see compared to the patterns you go through now. What needs to change?

Card: Six of Cups Inverted


You’re going to need all the luck you can get this month, because someone or something within your field of choice is going to cross you. A week or so from now, you may make what you would consider major progress on whatever situation sits at the forefront of your mind. It is a false front, don’t believe it.  

Card: Two of Swords Inverted


The theme of this month for you will be excess, with particular focus on coveting the wrong things. Really think about what will be best for you instead of what you think will be best for you. And on a deeper level, past appearances, what has helped you out of negative patterns in the past?

Card: Four of pentacles 


Look for something happening in the second week of April. Have you been trying to impress someone? Either for the sake of a new friendship, internship, or recommendation letter? Well, it’s been working! But try not to lose yourself in the illusion.   

Card: Four of Cups Inverted


You’ve been sent into near reclusion working recently. Go outside and plant your feet back on the ground. Your friends miss you. You may win that award or receive an interview from that company you applied to, especially if things will be decided or announced  in the second week of April. 

Card: 7 of Cups Inverted


You open the month strong. You make an effort and really dedicate yourself to balancing your relationships with your career or service work. What’s holding you back is the inability to escape what you have already done. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and you fall back into old patterns of codependency, lies, and selfishness. You betray yourself by seeking the intensity that consistency just cannot capture. Be prepared to find yourself in the same place you started, or worse off.

Card: King of Cups Inverted


You will come to the middle of the month and find yourself presented with a choice that forces you out of your comfort zone. You will have to deal with the emotional implications of choosing between something that challenges your beliefs and draws you in many directions. Initially, you may not know how to handle it. My advice is to embrace your emotional ability over pure reason and logic.  

Card: 2 of Cups


You will find yourself going through cycles without any real introspection, ignoring the internal work needed to actually grow. Instead, by running through the same lines of struggle → work → ‘overcome’ to present the appearance of change. Somehow, you will need to break that cycle with yourself, your work, and your family. 

Card: 8 of Cups Inverted


Have you been bored with yourself, your style, your room? Now is the time to change it. If you look at your wardrobe and you’re not inspired, donate it, and move on. Draw some inspiration from people you look up to through history, in the media, or even on social media. Avoid throwing yourself too fully into things without planning, or you may find yourself doing laundry every other day

Card: 4 of Cups.


At the end of the month, you will find yourself on the precipice of a well paying job, award, grant, or some other highly sought after opportunity. Which is great, after all, but you will need to contend with the fact that it will take you to places out of your comfort zone, and you will need to flex some skills that you have underdeveloped, like effective communication, public speaking, or shirking unnecessary responsibilities.

Card: 4 of Pentacles

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